Plan incoming e-mail worksheet for SharePoint 2010 Products

Worksheet that helps you plan how to implement incoming e-mail for SharePoint 2010 Products. This worksheet should be used to record decisions made regarding the implementation of incoming e-mail for SharePoint 2010 Products.
Download it here:

Microsoft Office 2003 or a 2007 Microsoft Office document open with read only permissions

How many time have you tried to open an Office document from SharePoint/WSS and the document opens as read-only, irrespective of rights you have??

This is an known issue and Microsoft has a support article for the same. Hopefully this saves some people time.

Resolution and More Information:

Support for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 SP1 retired

Just to let all of you know that official support for WSS 3.0 SP1 and MOSS 2007 SP2 has been retired on 13th July 2010.

Hence make sure that all your environments are upgraded to SP2 to be eligible for support.

SharePoint Solution Installer

How do you deploy your SharePoint wsp files??

The common answers we get is 

  • using stsadm commands
  • using a combination of stsadm and Central Administration site

But, there is a tool which allows you to deploy your wsp files in a wizard kind of interface and easily configurable.
This tool is a Windows application for an eased and more user friendly installation and deployment of SharePoint solution files to a SharePoint server farm. Distribute your SharePoint solution files with this installation program instead of a raw script using STSADM.EXE to install and deploy the solution.


MOSS Faceted Search

MOSS Faceted Search is a set of web parts that provide intuitive way to refine search results by category (facet).

  • The facets are implemented using SharePoint API and stored within native SharePoint METADATA store. The solution demonstrates following key features:
  • Grouping search results by facet
  • Displaying a total number of hits per facet value
  • Refining search results by facet value
  • Update of the facet menu based on refined search criteria
  • Displaying of the search criteria in a Bread Crumbs
  • Ability to exclude the chosen facet from the search criteria
  • Flexibility of the Faceted search configuration and its consistency with MOSS administration