Change workflow start settings of VS 2010 sequential workflow

While trying to develop a VS 2010 sequential workflow at the start you get a nice wizard which allows you to provide all the necessary details like association information, initiation information etc…

But, once you are done with the wizard and felt the need to change some setting afterwards?? I can see that curiosity..

For Example: While using the wizard you specified the workflow to start manually as well as on item created as below


But, afterwards you feel the need to start the workflow on item changed as well, then how do you do that


If you want to modify the settings provided by the Visual Studio 2010 wizard, you can select the workflow Sharepoint project item in the VS 2010 project/solution, this will display its property page and then you can change the settings and set the following to “True” from “False”

Start at Item Change – “True”

Following are the other start settings also available which you can set as per your requirement.

  1. Allow Manual Start
  2. Start at Item Change
  3. Start at Item Creation
Hope this help someone save some time.

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