Missing Site Settings – Office 365 public facing website

Office 365 provides you with a default Public facing site when you get a subscription. This site is very basic and has few pages already set-up for you to customize.

But, in most of the cases this won’t be enough and you need to add more stuff to the site like new pages, documents etc.  To do so you login to the site and find that the site is different from regular SharePoint sites like trimmed down ribbon and site actions menu.

Yes, you will not be able to find the Site Settings link in the Site Actions Menu.

Site Settings
Site Settings

Yes, but do not worry it’s there behind the scenes. I think anybody using SharePoint knows that the settings page is a layouts page named settings.aspx. So?? You got it…

Navigate to your office 365 public website & append “/_layouts/settings.aspx” to the end of the url
e.g. http://dhirendrayadav-web.sharepoint.com/_layouts/settings.aspx

and there it shows up…

Hope this helps save few hours for somebody out there…

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1 thought on “Missing Site Settings – Office 365 public facing website

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