SmartTools for SharePoint 2010

The SmartTools for SharePoint 2010 project is a collection of SharePoint 2010 extensions to make your life as a SharePoint user, developer or administrator a little bit easier!

This will help you integrate the jQuery JavaScript library with your SharePoint 2010 sites


SharePoint Solution Installer

How do you deploy your SharePoint wsp files??

The common answers we get is 

  • using stsadm commands
  • using a combination of stsadm and Central Administration site

But, there is a tool which allows you to deploy your wsp files in a wizard kind of interface and easily configurable.
This tool is a Windows application for an eased and more user friendly installation and deployment of SharePoint solution files to a SharePoint server farm. Distribute your SharePoint solution files with this installation program instead of a raw script using STSADM.EXE to install and deploy the solution.


SharePoint SUSHI

SharePoint SUSHI is a powerful, user-friendly utility enabling you to accomplish common administrative tasks. You can think of SUSHI as a Swiss army knife for SharePoint.
SUSHI Features
  • Security Reports View all sites and lists a user has access to.
  • Profile Images Import Upload Profile Images and Apply them to User Profiles.
  • Backup Backup a site.
  • Restore Restore site from backup.
  • Email Test Send a test email to make sure outbound email is set up correctly.
  • Copy View Copy a view from one SharePoint list to another.
  • Meta Data Get detailed information about metadata in a list. Move metadata from one column to another for all items in a list. And more.
  • Bulk List Creation Create a large number of subsites based on a site template.
  • Bulk Site Columns Create Site Columns.
  • Import Documents Upload entire file structures from a file share into a document library.
  • Delete Old Documents Copy documents older than a specified date to an archive folder and then delete from SharePoint.
  • Bulk Site Creation Create a large number of subsites based on a site template.
  • Themes Apply a Theme to many sites at once.