SharePoint 2010 “wildcard” search

Wildcard search was one thing which was very dearly missed in MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0. SharePoint 2010 has introduced this functionality which is quite helpful. However, though with some caveats

So you perform a search and you do not get any results and you keep wondering what have you done wrong

You have to search for “Brian” and you enter the following to search and do not get any results

e.g. Bria (this will not return you results starting with “Bria”)

That is correct behaviour as Sharepoint supports wildcard search only if you append “ * ”at the end of your keyword

e.g. Bria* (this will return you all the results starting with “Bria”)

Wildcard searches can be used in property searches as well

e.g. Author:Bria* (this will return all results where Author starts with “Bria”)

Also, wildcards only work at the end of a search string,

A wildcard at the beginning of a string will not be recognized, so searching for

e.g. “*rian” (this will not return you any results)