Make existing custom column required in sharepoint

Navigate to the

“Document Library Settings” –> “Advanced Settings” –> Check the “Allow management of content types?” radio button to yes and say “OK”

Get back to the settings you will be able to see a new section as “Content Types” Click on the Default content type (or the content type you need to modify).

It will list down all the columns(in the document library)…Select your require column and it will provide you with the following options.

Required (Must contain information)
Optional (May contain information)
Hidden (Will not appear in forms)

Select the Required option to make your column to mandatory contain information.

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16 thoughts on “Make existing custom column required in sharepoint”

  1. would this allow me to select the Comments feild (When uploading a doc and it asks for a comment when uploading item)as a Required feild?

  2. Is there a way to use version control without requiring that users add a comment each time (one more button click?). I might leave it on in some libraries but in general it is a small annoyance to those than save changes repeatedly and there is no need to track during report generations. I do not recall if we turned this on and have forgotten, or if it was enabled by default and cannot be removed.

  3. It seems easy enough but when I go in not all my columns appear and those that do are grayed out. Any help on why this would happen?

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