Hide “Request Access” link in SharePoint

Whenever a user does not have access to a SharePoint site, he is presented an “Access Denied” page which has a “Request Access” link which allows to send an email to the site administrator to request access to the site. However, this being a handy feature you may sometimes not want users asking for requests for a site. So, we can disable/remove the “Request Access” link. Let’s see how

The request access link is governed if the “Request Acess” is enabled on the site or not. If you disable the access request on the site then the link will not be seen on the access denied page

You could navigate to the “Permissions” list on the sharepoint site by navigating to http://{yoursitename}/_layouts/user.aspx

Then on the permissions list click on Settings menu and then select “Access Requests”

request access

Then uncheck the “Allow requests for access” checkbox

request access sharepoint

This will not show the Request Access link on the page…

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