SharePoint – Change the order of fields in the Word Document Information Panel

Whenever you need to change the order of the columns displayed in the Document Information Panel (DIP) without having to customize the default template and Info path. Please follow the following steps to achieve this

  1. Navigate to the Document Library Settings page for your document library
  2. Click on the desired content type (for e.g. Document)
  3. Then remove all the custom columns except for “Name” and “Title” as they are the default columns (Please make a note of the columns as we will need to re-add them)
  4. Then click on the “Add from existing site or list columns” link and then select the columns in the order which you want them to appear in the Document Information Panel (DIP)
  5. Once added click on the “Column Order” link and ensure that the correct order is maintained (Do not change the order here) and click the OK button.
  6. Now try to create a document using the template and confirm that the desired column order is displayed in the Document Information Panel (DIP)

Note: This might not work in case of multi line text fields

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