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Bing Code Search for Visual Studio 2013 helps developers find and reuse code samples on the web more easily by bringing the code search experience directly into Visual Studio. With this extension, a developer can search sites such as MSDN, Stack Overflow, CSharp411 and Dotnetperls and find, copy and use C# code samples directly inside the IDE. Bing Code Search works currently for C# solutions only, more languages to follow.All the snippets in the index were automatically checked to ensure they compile, but in the search, the algorithms also look at votes from the given community that the snippet comes from and other quality signals. The best thing, though, is that it doesn’t just copy and paste the snippet into the code, but it will also try to modify the code to fit the variables you already use in your own code. Even if you don’t have Visual Studio installed, you can try a web-based version (with a slightly different interface) here. Here is a video demonstration of the Bing search add-on   Source:

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